Did you know?

From birth to retirement, the amount invested in the training of a MIRA dog is approximately $30 000.

25 dogs are donated annually through our Cartridge Recovery Program.

We can recover cartridges all accross Canada.

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5 Things To Do

Before sending your cartridges

to Mira’s Foundation!


1. Verify if your cartridges are recoverable by Mira’s Foundation:

Unfortunately, Mira’s Foundation  cannot recycle all cartridge’s models available on the market.  Once sorted out in Mira’s warehouse, your cartridges will be sold to cartridges recyclers, who will fill them up again and put them back on the market for a second life.  Some models have unfortunately not popular amoungs recyclers and cannot be recycled. Although Mira’s Foundation  is still actively seeking new partnerships with recyclers, some cartridges remain unrecoverable. To confirm that your cartridges are recoverable by Mira’s Foundation , check out our new video online!

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