Remerciement 2014For twenty years now, the foundation Mira has been a true visionary by implementing its ink and laser print cartridges recycling program across the province of Quebec.

We were only at the beginning of the awareness campaign for the protection of our planet. Mira’s project was the first to target a double objective: raise awareness to the idea of recycling while helping Mira.

This program is now of great importance for Mira. The money raised is used to finance the training of dogs that are later given freely to visually or physically impaired persons or to parents of children with a pervasive development disorder (PDD).

Each Quebecer that uses a printer can therefore help Mira simply by bringing a used cartridge in one of the many drop spots (if you only have one or two) or by calling us, Mira offers a free collect service. 

The funds raised are essential since a trained dog costs about $30,000 to Mira, even though it is given without any costs to the beneficiary. In 2015, the print cartridges recycling program has allowed Mira to give 25 dogs. In 2016, we hope to reach the magic number of 35 dogs give to people in great need.